T - Residence

T邸 ( 2018 )

The high-rise apartment is known to be a status symbol for the wealthy, and as demands increase, apartments have been commercialized as generic products and mass marketed as high-end living.  The value of apartments is now driven by the altitude and a perception of privacy and grand views.

The client’s wishes were to challenge what makes his residence valuable and seek alternate ways to add character to the generic home. Although every apartment may seem similar, we have responded by understanding that each unit is unique and further interrogating the context in order to personalize the space.

With such height the view becomes magnificent, but much of what makes Tokyo beautiful disappears below. Therefore, our idea was to draw as much of the context into the residence by carefully crafting a seamless, mirror-like ceiling to reflect the surrounding characters into the space.

The existing features of high-rise constructions also comes with challenges. Massive concrete columns that obstruct opportunities are utilized with storage carefully placed to complement columns locations to reduce its presence, and thick window frames to withstand high winds are concealed with an infinity edge ceiling where the reflection of mullions continues the glazing line infinitely.

The overall minimal finish and light palette is weighed down with a strong accent of ebony timber veneer to harmonize with the reflected colors of Shinjyuku Gyoen.

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︎論考:「東京レジデンス 1」はこちら