Office with a Patio

中庭のあるオフィス ( 2018 )

It is an office relocation of an advertisement production company in Tokyo.

This company holds a number of departments and group companies, and three of those sections who are engaged in various collaborations together are located within this office.

However, it was difficult for them to maintain close communication working from different locations and this fact was somewhat causing an adverse effect on the production process.

Therefore, our mission was to create a new office by grouping their three respective departments - sales, direction and production as one in order to expedite the communication. It was also requested to come up with a space where it could be ‘the intersection of information’ as well as that space becoming a new flagship of the corporate.

How are we able to offer a new space for those departments with different work style and clients so that high-quality exchanges are born? How can we demonstrate the maximum effect with minimal operation to meet the budget while controlling the cost for this 760 sqm space?

In order to solve them, we re-evaluated necessary functions and preliminary conditions and rearranged them rationally, creating a comfortable ’margin’ in the center of the minimal office space. While considering various ways of using this empty space with the client, this ‘margin’ came to be called "courtyard".

The employees walk through this what’s called “courtyard” everyday and the doors to all the meeting rooms also exist in this space. This courtyard is a space of multi-function and is the center of all the lines of flow.

Despite the fact that this patio is an interior proposal, by constructing it with an architectural approach, it made it possible for us to feel the relation between inside and outside, the reflection and change of light and the sequence. In contrast to an anonymous office space, the walls surrounding the courtyard are made from the exterior materials of the architectural structure called stainless steel mirror-finished corrugated boards, who play a part in reflecting everything that exist in the room, making you feel the amplitude as well as spreading the light, while fulfilling the original function of ‘courtyard’. Furthermore, by intentionally arranging the openings such as the tunnels, small windows and rooms around the courtyard, we can feel the spreading of the space and diversified functions, and even the presence of your colleagues on the other side which could trigger active interchange.

Such way of communication is not necessarily taken for granted in the society today. By rethinking the value of ‘working in the same space’, we believe that it will lead to a work style of the new age.

We hope that this margin without a specific purpose will make an opportunity for the users to be more initiative, and will eventually grow into a space where active discussions, ideas and communication will be generated, which is believed to lead the corporate itself to grow.

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