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PATOU Omotesando
パトゥ 表参道ヒルズ店(2022)

We were in charge of designing the flagship store of the PATOU Tokyo store, which opened for the first time in the world. We created it with Maison's artistic derector Guillaume Henry. With Guillaume's strong desire to make this store the new DNA of PATOU, we tried to create a store where you can feel the Maison of Paris on the “Île de la Cité” in Tokyo. PATOU is cute and charming. Be friendly and elegant. And be special and basic. It was required to make it a warm place that welcomes people like a friend's house, not a luxury that only reaches the wealthy.
The ceiling design is a geometric design with functionality that hides the light source while creating a warm atmosphere that makes you feel like you are in someone's house. In addition, in order to make the best use of the color, which is a key element of PATOU, the store has a neat flat shape that does not interfere with clothes. The walls and fixtures were also designed in one piece, and we tried to make the main clothes stand in a simple and unified tone.
As a brand that promotes sustainable efforts, store design is mainly composed of eco-materials. We aim to create a timeless space by sticking to ordinary pure materials such as wood and paper and actively adopting MDF and recycled fabrics. Pursuing universality and specialty that Guillaume is particular about throughout the store design, it expresses the world view of PATOU.

PATOUが世界で初めて出店する旗艦店のデザインを、アーティスティックデザイナーであるギヨーム・アンリ(Guillaume Henry)とともに作り上げた。