“Unmaking” -  IZA Omotesando, retail renovation

「解体をデザインする」IZA 表参道 店舗改修





Unmaking - reconstructing the design process

How can we rethink about commercial and retail renovation?

By taking more time and care in the process of “unmaking”, we challenged ourselves to open up a new approach.

Showcasing repurposed materials like pieces of art, it embodies a new model of sustainable retail space, and seeks a meaning to serving in such space.

With high contextual expressions, it aims to show the attitude we should have to face our future.

Site :  Tokyo, Japan 
Program : Retail
Total floor area : 413 m2
Size : 2 storeys
Structure : RC frame
Completed: 2023

所在地: 東京都渋谷区
延床面積:  413m2
規模: 地上2階
構造形式: RC

Photography by Ichiro Mishima