B squared in Kiyosumi - Shirakawa

Bスクエアード 清澄白河店舗 ( 2019 )

This is the first store of the bakery cafe "B squared" located in Fukagawa, Koto-ku, Tokyo.

The store sign B² is an acronym of the operating company "Bread + Bean", to expresse a simple brand identity of “bakery cafe” as B squared. In recent years, the number of cafes with roasting equipment has increased in the area around Kiyosumi-Shirakawa and Monzen-Nakacho, but this becomes the first cafe in Japan which has both a bread factory and a roasting equipment.

The team has three professionals. A baker, barista and roaster. It was required to create a store where the craftsmen specialized in these specialties could feel lively.

Therefore, we thought that creating a shop that would allow each craftsman to work efficiently and create the atmosphere inside the shop itself would lead to expressing the brand identity. When you enter the store and look around, you can see the workplace of each specialist at a glance, not only the figure of a craftsman, but also professional tools such as espresso machine, grinder, roasting machine, coffee beans, piper, oven etc. We tried to display the professional attitude of craftsman by implementing such overlapping layers of equipments.

First of all, our priority was to create a comfortable kitchen space that could secure stable mass production of bread by arranging a bread factory, which is the lifeline of the store, in the back. Roasting machines must be kept at a certain distance due to its high temperature, so they are often placed in a separate area from the normal seating area. However, we placed it in the centre of the island type cafe counter to show its strong presence in a rational manner so that baristas and roasters can look around the store while working.

It is also essential that the bread and coffee look delicious, dimmable LED fluorescent lamps have been adopted to unify the warm colours. The line lighting is continuous from the seats to the back of the kitchen, giving a sense of depth. The cafe counter, which occupies a large area, uses achromatic black tiles so that the warm, unified warm space can be radiated.

The seats, counter, and kitchen are all flat floors with no steps, and the plan is to have the same line of sight no matter where you are without segmenting the space. By doing so,  it will make you feel like as if you are in a factory where you can taste freshly brewed coffee and freshly baked bread on-site.

︎see the essay “communication design”

東京都江東区深川の路面に位置するベーカリー・カフェ「B squared」の第1号店舗の設計である。

店舗サインのB2は、運営会社「Bread + Bean」の頭文字をとったものであり、「パンと豆」というシンプルなブランドアイデンティティをB squared(Bの2乗)として表現している。近年清澄白河や門前仲町の周辺エリアには焙煎設備を持ったカフェが増えてきているが、パン工場と焙煎設備の両方を備えたカフェはここが国内初であり、チャレンジングなプロジェクトとなった。